Our Programs and Meetings

GIGGLES – Girls in God: Growing, Loving, Eating, Sharing.

Secondary Schools/ University Chapter: Nurturing Students Who Take the Lead

This is targeted at young girls and ladies in Secondary/High schools and Tertiary Institutions. Through open forums with guest speakers, conferences, projects and community service activities,. we aim to give them a better understanding of issues that they will encounter in life such as respect, self-esteem, love, becoming a woman, influences, women of the world, leadership and community service.

This Program:

  • Educates young girls and women in Secondary and Higher institutions about the issues they will face later in life
  • Allows women to share their life experiences to help better the lives of young girls
  • Encourages the women to strive for the best.
  • Creates a forum where girls are prepared for the future by the introduction of curriculum activities that would make them better people in the future.

SOS: Sisters of Strength Mentoring Program

This Program:

  • Seeks to empower the underprivileged ones by making available skill acquisition centers where they would have the opportunity to acquire skills with which they would be expected to cater for their needs.
  • Gives women the chance to serve the community in our mentoring and community service projects
  • Gives older women a chance to serve the community by helping younger women find their way.

FRUIT (Female Relationship Unveiling Inspired Truth) Interactive Sessions.

FRUIT is the interactive Forum for discussions and was initiated to open up the organization to women who are not a part of the group and a forum where life issues are discussed and shared. The get-togethers are “support” oriented intended to uplift and give praise in addition to Bible based devotions, prayer and fellowship.)

Focus:  Between meetings we participate in a community service project, a mentoring initiative and a social engagement.

This Program:

  • Provides an opportunity for young women to be a part of a network
  • Enhance our personal and professional development through our programs, discussions and seminars.