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“Rubies Of Wisdom” offers 40 succinct and sound financial nuggets for women. There are about 40 Examples of Biblical Women and Deep Financial Wisdom to be gleaned from Them; hence it’a 40-Day Journey into financial Liberty. It’s a Paperback/E-book that seeks to give every woman solid and tested ideas on overcoming financial crisis. In times like this, Everyone needs to master the art of Money Management. One thing is certain: women are natural nurturers who are very able to effectively manage and multiply their God-given resources and that’s exactly what this book will show you how to do. Written by an astute and experienced Finance Coach, there’s so much to glean from her deep insight on finance related issues. Get your Paperback or Kindle Edition on Amazon at the link below. Please Read, Review, Recommend and Spread the Word, Tag someone.


“Pebbles from the Rock” is a devotional; a 70-day devotional which is a compilation of spirit-inspired thoughts. In times like this, I know a lot of people are depressed, discouraged and wonder if there would ever be a change. In Bible days, there were a lot more dire economical situations; I can’t get over one in which two women resorted to killing their children for food. But God stepped in; Oh yes! Overnight! Like He’s going to step in now.
These inspiring thoughts and biblical examples would lift the hearts of men and women up.
If you are in Nigeria, you can Pre-order a copy at This Link or get the Kindle version/Paperback on Amazon below, irrespective of where you are in the world. (Including Amazon UK, Ireland, Canada and Europe)
Spread the word, be a blessing, encourage someone today, CHANGE IS HERE!

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