Who we are

With Highway cleaners empowered to do businessF®UIT (FEMALE RELATIONSHIP UNVEILING INSPIRED TRUTH) is a non profit, non governmental organization based in Lagos Nigeria for women. The group is dedicated to upholding the principles of leadership, guidance and service through presenting timely and pertinent information to younger women by more experienced women; whose fruits are evident for all to see and who have attained great heights in life; facilitating an open forum for them to share with each other, supporting their strengths and leadership abilities, actively engaging in trainings workshops, service –learning projects, networking and mentoring activities.

Through this process, we hope to build strong female leaders and empower women positively.

In addition to being productive to our members and community and through the opportunities that F®UIT, will provide, we hope to facilitate collaborations that will inspire and motivate young women to dream big and make those dreams a reality.

Purpose / Watchword

Our purpose is to “assist”, to give help or support to, especially as a complement; aiding one another in our homes, church, communities, etc. “as sisters” Each woman must become the best version of themselves and live their best life.

Our Mission

Raising Women from all walks of life, empowering and helping them develop their strengths and leadership abilities. We also aim to motivate each other to become more influential voices in the world irrespective of each individual’s background. Each one would reach one and teach one to become a better one. Every woman has something to offer!

Our Vision

To build a strong network of women who would motivate and inspire one another through mentoring and collaboration. We want to build women of strength, tenacity and confidence.

goalsOur Goals and Objectives

  • Provide forums and opportunities for partnerships, networking and mentoring. This will help women expand their scope of influence.
  • Facilitate a forum for the older and younger women to exchange ideas with each other.
  • Create opportunities for women of all categories to develop their skills.
  • Provide skills that would result in income generating sources for the underprivileged women.
  • Strengthen leadership abilities in women as well as Building up the self-esteem and confidence in young women.
  • Equip young women with essential skills needed to live a purposeful and prosperous life
  • Actively engage in service-learning projects.
  • Educate young girls and ladies about the various transitions that they will encounter in life.