Your Excellencies,

I Know it’s being a while you read from me. I have been workign on some projects I am delighted to bring to your attention.

With Joy in my Heart and Utmost Appreciation to God and Everyone of you, I present to you: My Double-Edge Blessings for A Time like this: Fresh from Above, Mint from the Press. Are you set?

” Rubies Of Wisdom” and “Pebbles From the Rock”

Rubies of Wisdom is a 40-Day Devotional and study of many inspiring female characters of the Bible and their different approaches toward financial and business issues. It’s amazing to find out the deep financial insights displayed by these women; insights that are still very apt for this generation. In times like this, who doesn’t need tips on money management?
When In times like this, everyone is saying RECESSION; for us, it’s a time for ASCENSION into wealth, financial exploits and like Isaac, it’s a time for a 100-fold and more harvest in spite of the famine! This book will open your eyes into deep biblical and money management issues. I will share the amazing testimonials about the book over a few days.

Pebbles from the Rock is a devotional; a 70-day devotional which is a compilation of spirit-inspired thoughts. In times like this, I know a lot of people are depressed, discouraged and wonder if there would ever be a change. In Bible days, there were a lot more dire economical situations; I can’t get over one in which two women resorted to killing their children for food. But God stepped in; Oh yes! Overnight! Like He’s going to step in now.

These inspiring thoughts and biblical examples would lift the hearts of men and women up.
Two amazing and life transforming books; Yes, two books that are set to revolutionize the lives of many; men and women alike.

Check both Books Out at Here

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