Women are naturally raisers, nurturers, builders and God made it so. We arguably possess the power of persistence to nurture and raise things more than any one else.
I had an interesting chat with an elderly woman a few days ago and with an admirable pride and a small grin, she said; “Look, I have done business for over 30 years, I know what I am saying and I take pride in what I do”. Beneath the Wrinkled face and hands, was the sweet spirit of a resilient soul who’s still very determined to make the best out of life.

Women are Keepers and Raisers. You think otherwise? Why is it the woman God has made custodian of the fertilized ovum (or egg). Funny Fact, But No coincidence that women are able to grow and keep long hair: which takes a lot of effort. We are able to keep and nurture long nails. We can get pregnant and still go around doing business as usual. You see a woman going through stuffs and yet she’s going about her business as though nothing is wrong. He knows we can patiently and persistently nurture any and everything including Time.
This isn’t about gender equality or anything, but a call for every woman reading this to appreciate what she’s made of.
Married or Single, young or old, baby or toddler, Every woman is raising something or somebody, the home or the society, nations and generations.
Now Look at your both hands, clasp them together and appreciate all you have built and will build.
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Sola Shiphrah Adesakin

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